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When I moved to DC in January 2017, I looked for ways to get involved. One of the first events I attended was called ‘Welcome to Washington’ and it’s hosted each semester by America’s Future Foundation. After going to that along with another Happy Hour by AFF, I learned about their Writing Fellowship Program. Hosted on evenings once a week for a semester, it was a great opportunity to have guest speakers and presenters from all aspects of the DC writing scene.

Each one had a different career path and were able to share an experience that we could not obtain in the classroom. In addition, we were given strategies on how to write to different audiences as well as how to pitch our content to various entities in the beltway. While I have little writing in my backround, I found the program to be helpful in getting me to think about writing from a different perspective. For those new to DC and looking to break into the communications scene, this is definitely a must-do program.

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