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Every semester, The Heritage Foundation receives over a thousand applications to intern in various departments within their organization. Through my acceptance into the Washington Scholars Program, I was able to get a direct spot within the legal center. This was an exciting time to work in this department because of the Supreme Court nomination that was up for debate and confirmation. In addition, I was able to spend some time with Ronald Reagan’s Attorney General, Ed Meese.

Heritage takes its intern class, known as the ‘Young Leaders Program’ and puts its a LOT of effort into professional development. Although a  31 year old intern, I was treated as if I were tenured professional staff. Programming included weekly ‘First Principles’ luncheons, presentations on policy from each department along with field trips around DC and even time with Supreme Court Justice Thomas. Within the legal center, we hosted events on and off-site along with luncheons surrounding a particular issue. While Heritage ‘speaks with one voice’, I found the organization to be diverse in thought and politics and quite frankly, has a very family-friendly work atmosphere. This was definitely a great place to land when I arrived in DC and of all the internships I have had over the years, this one was by far the most impactful.

Young Leaders Program

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