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Reposted from ValpoLife, Dec 28,2009

Robert Ordway is a good example of a smart young guy, working hard, and doing good things that many may be interested in.  Way to go Robert.

Robert moved back to Valpo (from Chicago) in January and started graduate classes at Valparaiso University.  His MS is in International Commerce & Policy and he will graduate next Spring (May 2010). This past Spring, Robert started a chapter of National Federation of Young Republicans in Porter County.  In the fall, he started an unpaid internship with the city of Valparaiso.  His job was to perform a purchasing study which included taking data from all departments and seeing if any of it can be streamlined in efforts to save the city money.


In October he was the only person from ‘The Region’ to get selected for the prestigious political training program in the state, the Indiana Leadership Forum. (  Later in October, he also became Chairman for the PAC: Citizens for Northwest Indiana which promoted a ‘yes’ vote for the RTD Referendum.  In January, he will be interning with the Indiana House of Representatives (Republican Caucus) and will be supporting Ed Soliday (D4-Valpo) & Don Lehe (D15-South Lake Co.).

His main job right now is in Gary working for an engineering contractor doing business with ArcelorMittal and during this Christmas break he was a sales associate at Brooks Brothers.  Outside of that, Robert is a volunteer at the Boys & Girls Club of Valpo tutoring elementary kids and is an active member of Calvary Church.  He does eat and sleep on occasion, though with how active I see him online, I am really not sure when he fits that in.  No matter what, he never misses the gym at 5AM (Cardinal).