Ribbedtee Review: Made in USA Underwear & Undershirts

In this RibbedTee review, we find out if the made in the USA underwear brand is worth your money. Undergarment. It’s not the first word that comes to mind when one thinks of fashion. In fact, for many years, such unmentionables served a very strict purpose: to protect the wearer from outer garments which were usually stiff, hard and abrasive to the skin.

Today, such garments like the undershirt are optional and underwear serve more for reasons of hygiene. The days of 1800s Levi’s denim rubbing the skin off your leg are long behind us. There has been much debate as to whether one should wear an undershirt with dress shirts, turtlenecks or other garments


Carl Friedrik Palissy Briefcase Review | Worth Your Money?

Looking for a new briefcase? This detailed, unsponsored Carl Friedrik Palissy Briefcase review will help you decide if it’s worth buying. I work in the United States Senate and the days are long. Life on ‘The Hill’ as they call it can be exciting but also exhausting.

It’s a high paced environment that often requires me to take home important documents along with my laptop on a regular basis. The commute is a little over 30 minutes door to door and I am often standing or walking the whole time.

Hugh & Crye Review: Better Fitting Menswear

The landscape of menswear has changed substantially in the last decade. On the first go around, e-commerce sites led to the dot com bubble which popped in 2000.

Years ago, marketing teams weren’t needed during good times but the Great Recession forced everyone to reassessed how they created value for customers.

Stack it high and watch it fly.

The old saying in retail was “stack it high and watch it fly”. This was the running trend of big box retailers since the 70s and they competed on price alone.

Dominion Strength Training Review

Thinking about buying a new weightlifting belt? This detailed Dominion Strength Training review will help. If you’re going to start barbell training, there’s some equipment you’ll want to purchase beforehand.

The first item you should pick up is a set of lifting shoes. They are relatively inexpensive and will keep your feet flat with a little but of lift in the heel. The second item of importance is a weightlifting belt.

Pioneer Powerlifting Review: Belt and Wrist Wraps

While the company makes a variety of belt styles, they are well known for their ‘Pioneer Cut‘ which is a special design that allows for a sliding prong. Most belts have holes that are one inch apart but by drilling two sets of holes offset, this allows the wearer to have half-inch adjustments through the entire range of sizing.

This is very helpful because just like a regular belt, one inch might not be specific enough and some movements like the deadlift may require a looser (but snug) fit. Functionally, I found this to be the most exciting part of Pioneer’s lineup.

ENEMY Eyewear Review: Premium or Overhyped?

I’ll admit, I didn’t wear sunglasses for most of my life. As a child of the 90s, everybody was about ‘The Blue Blocker’ sunglasses advertised on TV. My dad picked up whatever was at the local gas station on our way out to various hunting and fishing trips — we must have had several pairs.

Following several professional athletes during high school, I got hooked on the idea that Oakley was the top dog in this space.

While in Florida for a school trip in 1999, I spent over $100 on a pair of Oakley sports frames, which was a TON of money for a blue-collar kid, and it took me forever to save for those things. Needless to say, I never told dad about this status-oriented expenditure and hid my newly prized possession from him indefinitely.

This is very helpful because just like a regular belt, one inch might not be specific enough and some movements like the deadlift may require a looser (but snug) fit. Functionally, I found this to be the most exciting part of Pioneer’s lineup.

Barbell Logic Online Coaching (BLOC) In-Depth Review

Barbell Logic is a company that provides online strength coaching through individualized programming. Their highest priority is to increase quality of life through strength and nutrition coaching, which is why they’ve teamed up with some of the best coaches in the industry.

BLOC’s coaches truly understand their clients’ needs and are able to craft programs that work around your lifestyle. This review offers my personal experience with the program since becoming a client in August 2019.

Barbell Apparel Review: Athletic Fit Shirts, Shorts and Jeans

Having an athletic build is great. It means you’re fit, healthy and turning heads at the beach But having a V-shaped torso, full hips and thick thighs doesn’t make clothes shopping very easy.

Most American clothing brands cater to “big” guys, not athletic guys Barbell Apparel is different. They’re making clothing for men with athletic builds. Let’s see how their collection stacks up to the competition…

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One Strong Herd Review: The Back Bone Non-Slip Bench Press Mat

The bench press is known by many but understood by few. It’s not exactly clear when the bench press became the most popular of the basic barbell lifts, however, a quick peek into any gym and you are far more likely to see a barbell setup for bench rather than a rack for squats and pressing.

When it comes to aesthetics, we train what we see in the mirror and the chest almost always ranks first. For those just stepping into a gym for the first time, it could be considered the easiest place to start, just lay down and push the bar up and down right?

Micro Gainz Review: Fractional Plates for Weightlifting


When one starts barbell training as a novice, the weight often goes up each lift by five to ten pounds, especially when it comes to the squat and deadlift. Other basic barbell movements such as the press and bench press will slow down much quicker.

There becomes a point when you can no longer add five pounds to the bar a week. What do you do next? You buy Micro Gainz.

 By increasing the weight by less than five pounds, you will have more programming options available to make the changes needed to get stronger. If you take a quick look online (say Amazon), there are few companies making such a product in America.

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