Building Connections in a New City

Reposted from America’s Future, April 19, 2019 In my last article, How to Break into Your New Career, I wrote about my approach to job prospecting and the effort it will take to secure a position. While I noted that informational interviews are the most...
Op-Ed: How to Break into Your New Career

Op-Ed: How to Break into Your New Career

Reposted from America’s Future, Feb 12, 2019 I’ve only been in the DMV area for a little over two years (as of this writing) but am frequently asked for advice on how to secure one’s first job. While this piece is by no means a definitive guide, it includes a...

Starting a New Career in DC: Office Etiquette

Reposted from America’s Future, Nov 1, 2018 Whether you just landed your first job out of college or arrived as a mid-career transplant, moving to the DC area can be a bit overwhelming. There are few places around the world that offers such cultural diversity...

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