Hi There!

My name is Robert Ordway and I’m a community builder. As a ‘generalist’ with academic and practical experience in many areas of life, some call me a ‘Swiss army knife’ of sorts.

My beginnings are humble, raised in the steel mill town of Lake Station, a bedroom community to the more historically famous, Gary, Indiana. The war in Iraq started just month before high school graduation in 2003. I signed up for the US Navy Delayed Entry Program (DEP) but that all changed when I received the Eli Lilly Endowment Scholarship, a 4-year full tuition ride to any university in Indiana. My education started in engineering but finished with a BSBA in Finance in December 2007 from Valparaiso University, right as the economy spiraled into the Great Recession. Forced back into grad school, I received an MS in International Commerce & Policy in 2010, also from Valparaiso.

Since then, my life has pivoted between political campaigns, government and private sector work. I have experience at all levels of government: city, county, state and federal – both political appointments and in civil service. I have also participated in political campaigns at all levels including my own in 2015. In the private sector, I put time in with a sole proprietorship, family owned LLC, multi-national corporation and have also owned by own retailer.

I believe there are five pillars to a strong community: education, business and labor, non-profits, government and faith-based organizations. This site serves as a blog to help track my progress in community building and perhaps allow viewers to engaged me in different ways for opportunities where I may be of service. It is through teamwork that we are able to achieve goals greater than ourselves. I am passionate about people and problem solving so let’s get together and make something happen!a