Dominion Strength Training Review

Originally Posted on The Modest Man on August 30, 2019


Thinking about buying a new weightlifting belt? This detailed Dominion Strength Training review will help.

Robert wearing belt
Photography by Anthony Bolognese

If you’re going to start barbell training, there’s some equipment you’ll want to purchase beforehand.

The first item you should pick up is a set of lifting shoes. They are relatively inexpensive and will keep your feet flat with a little but of lift in the heel. The second item of importance is a weightlifting belt.

Dominion Strength Weightlifting Belt

Today, we’re going to review a belt from Dominion Strength. As an avid listener of the Barbell Logic Podcast, I came across Dominion Strength Training., as they were a featured in one of the episodes.

After learning that the company was a small family owned business, I decided to reach out.


For many years, there was a conventional wisdom out there that belts were a crutch and should not be used for any form of exercise if one wanted to develop a strong core.

Putting on lifting belt

Once the bro science subsided, people used actual science to prove that belts are beneficial for use in many exercises. Which is harder? Flexing your abs against the air or having them push against something? That’s Physics 101.

Your body works as a complete system and by taking a deep breath, using the Valsalva maneuver, you are engaging the entire core, not just your abs or lower back. This is crucial for keeping your spine in the correct position. People mistake the belt as a crutch because nearly all lifts become easier.

Suede lifting belt stitching

The pressure should be distributed evenly so if you see a belt with a thicker backside or it’s so thin it can be folded along the short side, you are looking at a company that fundamentally doesn’t understand basic physics much less strength training. A belt like this could get you seriously injured.

I use a weightlifting belt for the squat, deadlift and press. For standing accessory exercises such as a barbell curl, the belt provides me with a ‘cue’, a mental reminder to lock out my core, hips and knees to prevent energy leaks and focus on the muscle I am training.


I love telling the story of small business owners and entrepreneurship, people who take risks to provide value to society. The money is always an afterthought when it comes to following a passion.

Weighted pull ups

Dominion Strength is owned by Blake and Katie Roache. They manufacture the belts down in Orlando, Florida. He’s a mechanical engineer by trade and she’s a microbiologist.

As crossfitters, they moved into Starting Strength training and discovered that they could not find a quality belt on the market.

Their move into making belts started with a botched attempted working with overseas suppliers who sent them 1000 belts with inferior hardware that was rusted upon delivery.

That mistake led them to move the entire concept to the U.S. I think they made the right move…


While Dominion has several belt designs, this review is on their original design, a 3-inch, single prong belt. It has grey suede on both sides which gives it a good feel but also helps keep it in place.

Dominion Strength 3 Inch Leather Weightlifting Belt Single Prong

A 3-inch belt is the most universal size as its designed to fit above your hips and below your ribcage. For men of modest height, this will definitely be your choice.

The stock color grey is great because it matches everything, is unisex, highly functional and hides any chalk you get on it over time.

Dominion Strength Weightlifting Belt

It’s made from high-quality top-grain cow leather and the hardware is second to none. What makes Dominion Strength different from other belt companies is they produce stock sizes.

Suede lifting belt stitching

I chose size small which covers a waist between 25-35”. The site says they are able to ship belts in a week but I received one in just a few days. They found a unique need in the market.

Other companies offer customization to varying degrees but expect to wait a minimum of six weeks before receiving your belt. What will you do until then?


When I first received the belt, I put it through a break-in process. Many suggest rolling up the belt and tying it up for a few days.

I also used a second method which is done by folding over the belt and rolling it through the hands while trying to crush it along the way.

Dominion Strength grey suede belt

The belt broke in very fast and was comfortable on the first wearing. Many belts are stiff as a board and feel like they are cutting into you. A belt isn’t meant to wear like silk but we can all only tolerate so much discomfort.

Barbell squat

My first use was in this order: squat, deadlift and press. The belt performed like a champ and was easy to take off in-between sets. If you enjoy wearing a belt through the entire workout, it’s not tight enough.

The roller is the best part of the hardware and made levering the belt on and off easy.

After my time at the Fivex3 gym, I have been using the belt for a few months and it only gets better with each wearing. While belts aren’t complicated, they can do wonders for your training when used properly.


After learning how to barbell train with the basic lefts such as squats, deadlifts, presses and bench press, you’ll move to accessory lifts and alternate ways to target muscles.

Dominion Strength dip belt

The dip belts primary use in its name, for tricep dips. Now you’ll need a set of bars to dip between and for some people, their shoulders won’t like such a movement.

The dip belt is a great way to harness gravity in a new way without using a barbell.

Dominion Strength dip belt

In addition, the dip belt can be used for chin-ups. Usually, it takes people a while before there are up to this level. Heck, even the world’s strongest man can only do six.


Dominion Strength Training is an excellent company run by a couple that believe in the power of the barbell. Their product is one of the best on the market with speedy delivery and excellent customer service.

Dominion Strength belt

A good belt should last you a lifetime and theirs are guaranteed for just such a timeline. If you are looking to get into fitness training, start with barbells.

Dominion Strength dip belt details

When you do that, shoes and a belt will be your first investment. If you get that far, give this company a look before taking action.

You won’t be disappointed.